Among the automotive world, there are cars that are smooth and sleek, there are cars that are simple and plain,  and then there are cars that are just flat-out ugly. Some cars are so ugly that they just deserve a list so people know how scary-looking some cars can be. In this Top Tens list, The Motor Buzz will go over the top ten ugliest cars that have made people wonder “Why does it exist?”

#10: Suzuki X-90

Suzuki X-90

The Suzuki X-90 was not a very pretty-looking sight. This car looks like the Power Wheels toy cars that children drive. The size of the car is a problem, and so is the styling of it. Suzuki tried so hard to make a good-looking car-truck? Exactly what is it? This car looks more like a very minute truck that doesn’t look right. Trucks are meant to be big and bulky, this Suzuki horribly failed at both the intimidating aspect and its overall appearance.

#9: Nissan S-Cargo

Nissan S-Cargo

Nissan was most likely going for a snail-like design due to its model name “S-Cargo”. Escargot is a dish consisting of seasoned snail and the wordplay into the Nissan S-Cargo makes it evident through the styling and design of this car to look like an outright snail. How? The headlights are the eyes, the curved roof is the shell, and the speed as well makes this car slow as a snail.

#8: Fiat Multipla

Fiat Multipla

There is something wrong here. Actually, there are many things wrong here. Where to start? Well, the windows are more than half the body of the car, the car itself looks squished in the front, headlights are all over the place, and the overall appearance of the car. The Fiat Multipla is such a funny-looking car. So many things that could’ve have been improved but weren’t.

#7: Citroen DS

Citroen DS

The Citroen DS looked like a great car in the front, but once you look at the back you might be thinking “What happened?” The front looks fine, but the back is too squished. Another thing that makes this car look bad is its wheel covers in the rear. Without those wheel covers, the car would look ten times better.

#6: Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke

Well, this is going to be tough. The front headlights (right below the grille) don’t look stylish at all. The real headlights (above the grille) don’t look any better. Besides the horrendous headlights that this car has, the fenders are enormous. The fenders would look okay if the Nissan design team just put a little bit more time to make them smaller, smooth, and slick. All that and cramped rear seats with the door handles on the side of the window.

#5: Nissan Cube

Nissan Cube

Oh look an aquarium on wheels! Yes, that is what it pretty much is: the awkward Nissan Cube. Reasons as to why this car is on the list? Sure! One, the rear window attaches to the right backseat window of the car. The left backseat window has a weird piece of plastic sticking on the side. The side windows all are in the shape of round-looking cubes, and the taillights are very low in the back that is barely visible to the driver behind this mishap of a car. If you want to view the back of the car, search it up on Google Images.

#4: AMC Gremlin

AMC Gremlin

There is a good reason why the side of this car is the only thing shown here. The reason for that is because this car looks like someone got a knife and just cut the back up diagonally on purpose. This is ridiculous! The people at AMC could’ve at least rounded the back of their car to make it look more like a Ford Pinto, instead of a car with an extremely sharp back resulting in an ugly automobile.

#3: Skoda Roomster

Skoda Roomster

It is understandable that the name might suggest more room for a person to be more comfortable while in the vehicle, not botch the whole back half of the car to make it look big. The reason it looks so bad: the disproportional windows on the side. The design team at Skoda probably never took geometry class because it seems there is a lot to need improvement regarding the weird curved/sharp window shapes on the side.

#2: SsangYong Rodius

Ssangyong Rodius

What the actual hell is this? It looks like a modified version of an old Mercedes R350. (If you don’t know what a Mercedes R350 looks like, you can search for it on Google Images, as well). There are so many problems here. The wheels are way to small for the over-sized body and the back is not curved, but rather curved at the front and then proceeds to go straight and then finally drop down. South Korea needs to get there act together with the designing on the peculiar-looking SsanYong Rodius.

#1: Pontiac Aztek

Pontiac Aztek

Well, what would you expect? This is probably why Pontiac ran out of business. This hunk of junk mini garbage truck look-a-like does not look good at all in any angle you look at it. There are no good qualities about this car’s design. This car could not look any worse than it already is.

Well, this wraps up The Motor Buzz’s  Top Tens list. Be sure to come back soon to see more quality content like this.

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