Faraday Future 91: A New Concept

The Faraday Future 91 (FF91) is a new flagship electric car appearing to come close in 2017. It has so many amazing aspects, if not all useful for the user. So, in today’s article, we will be going over this new flagship model car that is supposed to be coming out soon in 2017. Actually, no! You could reserve one today. But what are some of the cool aspects of this car? Well, you are about to find out.


Aspect #1: A unique FFID profile


One amazing aspect of this majestic automotive is its unique FFID profile. The cool thing about an FFID is that it learns from you. What is meant by that exactly? Well, it means that the more you use the technologically-advanced items inside an FF (91) vehicle, the more it knows about you: it gets more intelligent. It is a way in which the FF 91 gets to know you better. or choose a personalized layout for the drive ahead.

Aspect #2: Zero gravity seating

zero gravity

Unbelievably unreal!There are no words to describe this breakthrough that is now available in maybe the only car in the universe (as of 2017)! In zero gravity, the human body actually expect what NASA researchers call the Neutral Body Posture. The back seats were intended to these particulars and empower the perfect circulation of your body’s weight, reducing gravity’s anxiety and weight. For significantly more solace, the ventilated seats lean back you into the ideal position for extending while kneading without end weight and stress.

Aspect #3: Eclipse mode

stars in sky

A awe-striking spectacle that can be viewed in the inside of the vehicle. The FF 91’s glass rooftop conveys a splendid display of the sky. Tap the savvy glass and the Eclipse Mode immediately obscures to give you safe house and protection. So whether you need to see the stars around evening time or shield away the sun, the Eclipse Mode helps you discover peace.

Aspect #4: Lidar


The FF 91 will be the first production vehicle to highlight 3-D lidar innovation. Using laser pulses to sweep its environment, the lidar is the centerpiece of a sensor framework abounding with more than 30 cameras, radars, and ultrasonic sensors. This multilayer repetition makes a hyper-point by point, 360° picture of the encompassing environment.

Aspect #5: Driverless Valet

driverless car

Use the mobile application and leap forward in self-governing innovation turns into your own valet, stopping the FF 91 after you leave the vehicle. You can then summon it to lift you up wherever you’re holding up. Try not to need to hold up? You can plan the FF 91 to come during a period of your picking.

Aspect #6: The power

power button

The all-electric powertrain is the place the first patent lives: the proficient and minimized FF Echelon Inverter. The standard multi-engine arrangement channels more prominent torque all the more straightforwardly and rapidly to every wheel. You appreciate exceptional all-wheel drive, as well as speedier than-gravity increasing speed supported by more than 1,000 horsepower. An electric car with a 1,000 horsepower?! That is flat out unbelievable yet again!

Aspect #7: The Range

car battery

The lithium-ion cells accomplish the world’s most noteworthy vitality thickness – almost twofold that of a creation car battery. This not just speaks to a critical stride forward in battery innovation, it’s a gigantic increment in driving reach, well in overabundance of 370 miles on a solitary charge.

Aspect #8: The VPA

protected car

The Variable Platform Architecture (VPA) highlights various well-being benefits. Its particular structure safely houses the battery underneath the floor, giving it a much lower focal point of gravity than tantamount vehicles, which significantly reduces move over hazard. The heap bearing, ballistic-review outline likewise diminishes the effect of side impacts.

For more information on this car, you can visit the website https://www.ff.com/en/

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The Advantages to Owning an Electrical Car

Electric cars are such amazing pieces of machinery. They are just like regular cars, but instead, they run on an electrical charge from a battery, instead of traditional gasoline. There are many amazing benefits to owning an electrical car as well. From saving money to helping with saving the earth, electrical cars have found a mark in today’s car market. So, in today’s article, we will be looking at the advantages of an electric car.

Advantage #1: Electric cars save the planet

The issue with cars that run on gasoline is that it has greenhouse gas (i.e. carbon dioxide). Greenhouse gasses contributes to air pollution and global warming. How? The many toxic gasses that are emitted from the car’s exhaust have tremendous amounts of heat that will contribute to potentially harmful air pollution and added heating to global warming.

car emitting hazardous pollutants to atmoshphere

However, with an electric car, you don’t have to worry about polluting the planet or adding to global warming because electric cars run on a simple battery. Plus, there are no pollutants that are exiting from the exhaust of an electrical car because an electrical car has no exhaust pipes, or waste products. It’s genius! All you pretty much have to do is charge the car and it’s ready to hit the road. Amazing! Who doesn’t like using renewable energy sources?

Advantage #2: Electric cars are cheap to own and maintain

Electric cars are more cheaper to own and maintain than a traditional gasoline-run car. How? Well, its is quite simple to understand. Cars running on gasoline need gas to run on, of course. How do you get that gas?: well from a gas station of course. However, gas prices do fluctuate depending on the availability of the oil and those prices usually tend to go upwards. So, in the end, you will have to end up paying at least $40 for a full tank of gas for most cars that run on gas. Luckily, for electric car owners, the way they get their “fuel” is much more cheaper than gas. All they have to do is drive their car to an electric car charging station and receive the charge from the station that will transfer to the car’s battery in order to make the car run. Half and hour to an hour is pretty much all you need for a quick charge on the electric car and then your ready to go. Or you could also invest in getting a charging station installed in your house (if it’s legal).

electric car

Advantage #3: Electric cars are quiet

Even though there are cars out there in the market today that are quite silent, nothing comes close to electric cars complete quietness. This quietness will help to make you, as the driver, have an enjoyable go on the road. Everyone is different, but usually a quiet car makes the trip more enjoyable by others and especially yourself. So you choose: Loud or quiet.

quiet zone sign

So, as one can see from these advantages, it is no doubt that many people have switched over from gas-run cars to electric cars. These fantastic autos are saving the planet, are cheaper to own and maintain, and are quite quiet rides as well, making for an enjoyable driving experience. The vision of electric cars roaming the streets all over the world is very likely in the near future.

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Top Tens: Ugliest Cars

Among the automotive world, there are cars that are smooth and sleek, there are cars that are simple and plain,  and then there are cars that are just flat-out ugly. Some cars are so ugly that they just deserve a list so people know how scary-looking some cars can be. In this Top Tens list, The Motor Buzz will go over the top ten ugliest cars that have made people wonder “Why does it exist?”

#10: Suzuki X-90

Suzuki X-90

The Suzuki X-90 was not a very pretty-looking sight. This car looks like the Power Wheels toy cars that children drive. The size of the car is a problem, and so is the styling of it. Suzuki tried so hard to make a good-looking car-truck? Exactly what is it? This car looks more like a very minute truck that doesn’t look right. Trucks are meant to be big and bulky, this Suzuki horribly failed at both the intimidating aspect and its overall appearance.

#9: Nissan S-Cargo

Nissan S-Cargo

Nissan was most likely going for a snail-like design due to its model name “S-Cargo”. Escargot is a dish consisting of seasoned snail and the wordplay into the Nissan S-Cargo makes it evident through the styling and design of this car to look like an outright snail. How? The headlights are the eyes, the curved roof is the shell, and the speed as well makes this car slow as a snail.

#8: Fiat Multipla

Fiat Multipla

There is something wrong here. Actually, there are many things wrong here. Where to start? Well, the windows are more than half the body of the car, the car itself looks squished in the front, headlights are all over the place, and the overall appearance of the car. The Fiat Multipla is such a funny-looking car. So many things that could’ve have been improved but weren’t.

#7: Citroen DS

Citroen DS

The Citroen DS looked like a great car in the front, but once you look at the back you might be thinking “What happened?” The front looks fine, but the back is too squished. Another thing that makes this car look bad is its wheel covers in the rear. Without those wheel covers, the car would look ten times better.

#6: Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke

Well, this is going to be tough. The front headlights (right below the grille) don’t look stylish at all. The real headlights (above the grille) don’t look any better. Besides the horrendous headlights that this car has, the fenders are enormous. The fenders would look okay if the Nissan design team just put a little bit more time to make them smaller, smooth, and slick. All that and cramped rear seats with the door handles on the side of the window.

#5: Nissan Cube

Nissan Cube

Oh look an aquarium on wheels! Yes, that is what it pretty much is: the awkward Nissan Cube. Reasons as to why this car is on the list? Sure! One, the rear window attaches to the right backseat window of the car. The left backseat window has a weird piece of plastic sticking on the side. The side windows all are in the shape of round-looking cubes, and the taillights are very low in the back that is barely visible to the driver behind this mishap of a car. If you want to view the back of the car, search it up on Google Images.

#4: AMC Gremlin

AMC Gremlin

There is a good reason why the side of this car is the only thing shown here. The reason for that is because this car looks like someone got a knife and just cut the back up diagonally on purpose. This is ridiculous! The people at AMC could’ve at least rounded the back of their car to make it look more like a Ford Pinto, instead of a car with an extremely sharp back resulting in an ugly automobile.

#3: Skoda Roomster

Skoda Roomster

It is understandable that the name might suggest more room for a person to be more comfortable while in the vehicle, not botch the whole back half of the car to make it look big. The reason it looks so bad: the disproportional windows on the side. The design team at Skoda probably never took geometry class because it seems there is a lot to need improvement regarding the weird curved/sharp window shapes on the side.

#2: SsangYong Rodius

Ssangyong Rodius

What the actual hell is this? It looks like a modified version of an old Mercedes R350. (If you don’t know what a Mercedes R350 looks like, you can search for it on Google Images, as well). There are so many problems here. The wheels are way to small for the over-sized body and the back is not curved, but rather curved at the front and then proceeds to go straight and then finally drop down. South Korea needs to get there act together with the designing on the peculiar-looking SsanYong Rodius.

#1: Pontiac Aztek

Pontiac Aztek

Well, what would you expect? This is probably why Pontiac ran out of business. This hunk of junk mini garbage truck look-a-like does not look good at all in any angle you look at it. There are no good qualities about this car’s design. This car could not look any worse than it already is.

Well, this wraps up The Motor Buzz’s  Top Tens list. Be sure to come back soon to see more quality content like this.

Where to Find the Best and Most Reliable Auto Information

Best and Most Reliable Auto Information

Unlike in the past, auto information is today available in overabundance and while some people do appreciate this, others regard it as a constant onslaught. Unfortunately, the increased availability and ease in which information can be obtained creates a share of problems.

Most car owners and enthusiasts are left wondering which the best sources of information to trust are and which ones they should avoid. Nevertheless, it is pretty clear to the fact that auto blogs like The Motor Buzz are the best blogs to rely on if you want first hand and reliable info on cars.

Typical car blogs feature a combination of images and texts and this ensures that visitors to these blogs are able to get the most out of them. As they always say, pictures speak a thousand words and this is why for people in Orange County, California searching for information in such blogs will be of great benefit to you. In fact, it would even be difficult to imagine how a car blog would look like if it didn’t have images. Such images make the blogs much more useful as you are able to get the best visual explanation of what is being discussed in the blog.

When you visit The Motor Buzz, you will be thrilled to find that the blog also offers linkages to other websites and blogs where you can find more auto information. This is of paramount importance because the truth of the matter is that no any single blog can have all the information that car consumers are looking for. So, directing consumers to other places where they can find more reliable information is quite a noble thing for the blog to do.

Even though it is well known that most car blogs are textual, it is also worthy of noting that there are other blogs that mainly focus on photographs and videos. Such can also help a lot in disseminating the information in a much better way and helps you gain an even much better understanding on the topic or subject you are enquiring about. Such blogs will help you a lot in getting the best information on a wide of issues such as the car make, model, performance and so on including but not limited to car maintenance.

A car blog is the best source of information about cars in Orange County, California and other parts of the world. Here, you will find everything information you need to know about cars and ensure that you are a smart car buyer/owner. The Motor Buzz has become incredibly popular mainly due to the fact that the blog mainly focuses on the most recent and latest news in the word of cars as this is essentially the kind of info that most readers are interested on. Nevertheless, the blog also contains a wide range of auto information and you can thus be sure that your expectations will be met and your desire for information satisfied.



How Can You Avoid Crashes While Driving?

Avoid Crashes While DrivingPleasure Always Has A Price
If you own a personal vehicle that you’re free to use on your own accord, public roads are a blessing that allows you to get around however you see fit. Well…not exactly “however” you see fit, but with a large degree of freedom, at least. Even though statistics say that airplanes are the safest modes of transport in the world, a great number of people don’t use them because they simply don’t have a need for them, especially when they’re living in California, which has great public roads. The sheer pleasure of controlling a car is something that very few other machines can match, and those that can are similar to the automobile. On the other hand, crashes are a painful reality and a possibility for anyone with a driver’s license, which is why every single driver out there needs to ask himself/herself “how can I avoid crashes while driving?”

Some Things SHOULD Be Taken Too Seriously
The fact to the matter is that regardless of how careful or concentrated someone is behind the wheel of a car, accidents will always happen for the strangest of reasons and there’s nothing that anyone can do about it, period. The best anyone can do is be utterly focused on the road and nothing else while driving. The majority of crashes occur due to the human factor and there’s no denying that, which makes the whole situation even more devastating. Those who feel over-confident and take driving lightly are often the ones who end up causing a crash or worse – losing their lives. Many other factors are involved here – drinking, driving when they should be sleeping, not wearing their seatbelts, not checking their rearview mirrors regularly, speeding etc. The most important thing one can do prior to getting behind the wheel of a car is understand that once they start the engine, they’re not only responsible for themselves and the passengers in their car, but also for every single one of the thousands of people they’re about to drive by, overtake, see and hear on the traffic light etc.

There’s No “I” In “Team”
California is a truly beautiful part of God’s green earth and the single most important thing for every driver in it, as well as the rest of the world, is safety. According to The Motor Buzz, dozens of people die in car crashes every month in the state of California. In order for that to stop happening or in order for it to happen as rarely as possible, drivers and pedestrians alike need to focus on their actions in order to not become victims of crashes. Truth be told, you’re probably aware that there will always be idiots who think it’s a good idea to drink and drive or drag-race along the busiest boulevards and avenues. Instead of admiring and condoning such behavior, other drivers and pedestrians need to report it to the authorities and contribute to the overall safety on the streets of cities around the world.

The Postulates Of Road Safety
Finally, if you’re still asking yourself the question “how can I avoid crashes while driving”?, you need to put into practice everything aforementioned and realize that the only way to change the world is to start changing yourself. The law is there for a reason and all those who don’t obey it need to pay the price. Focusing on the safety of your vehicle, respecting the speed limits wherever you go, driving carefully and always with a clear head and concentration and having the right attitude behind the wheel are the essential tips for every driver out there trying to stay safe. Remember – crashes are best avoided if you’re not in the car; if you have to be, make sure to drive and behave responsibly, and always try to help those who aren’t doing the same.

How To Get Affordable Car Insurance?

Get Affordable Car InsuranceSimple Logic
There’s a joke that goes “what’s the best way for a man to become a millionaire? It’s to marry a woman while she’s a millionaire”. It’s not the funniest joke in the world and also not the most gender-tolerant one, but it holds a truth. That truth is mirrored in the fact that everybody thinks that it would be cool to have millions and millions of dollars to do with them as they please. But, spending money uncontrollably is certainly not the way to become a millionaire and definitely not the way to stay one. The point is – even millionaires (Especially them) tend to save money more than the average Joe. So, you might think that they don’t think about how to get affordable car insurance, but there are those who do. Even though they drive cars that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, they still get them insured. If you feel like following in their footsteps, you too should think about how to get affordable car insurance. When you think about it, they must be doing something right; they are millionaires, after all!

They Always Get You With The Small Print
It’s no secret that California is one of the most enjoyable areas in the US to drive in….and that’s what the insurance companies are counting on! You see, they know that you’ll be thrilled with driving along great roads all across California and sooner or later, you’re going to want to put your foot down, no matter what kind of car you drive. And that’s how accidents happen. In order to avoid getting into an accident, as well as getting a lousy insurance policy and choosing a bad insurance company, you should really get a good amount of research done prior to making such an important decision. This is all the more important since you don’t have the right to change your policy (if you feel you’ve made a mistake) immediately with most insurance companies; you have to wait a certain amount of time and that means that you’re more vulnerable than ever.

Be Smart About It
They say that if you want something done right, do it yourself. This is true for most cases, as well as this one, but it can also be a double-edged sword. If you’ve owned cars before and you know how the insurance companies think, you’ll be able to do your research thoroughly online by comparing the various prices of insurance company policies for car insurance and make your decision relatively easily. However, if you’ve never owned a car before or you have and someone else has been taking care of the insurance, you’ll be in trouble. Seeing how it’s important to make the right decision when it comes to car insurance, you could take a risk and choose on your own. But, if you make a mistake, you’ll be faced with hefty payments for a period of time that you simply could have gone without. So, it’s always good to involve someone who has experience with the matter: a family member, a friend, a business associate or a colleague from work. If they have a great insurance policy, ask them for advice; it’s better than being in the dark and putting the pieces together on your own.

Weigh Your Options Carefully
Finally, the most important part when it comes to affordable car insurance, especially in California is – it’s often better to have no insurance at all and be really careful how you drive, park and generally treat your car, than it is to make a hasty decision, still be careful, not damage your car and the have to make significant payments to the insurance company every week or month. The point is that you need to be prudent; if you lack experience, bring in someone you know for advice or a solution for the problem, because car insurance is a long-term commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s just like they say: it’s better to be safe than sorry

How To Pay For A Car With Not Enough Money?

Pay For A Car With Not Enough MoneyAlways Scratch Below The Surface
Well, there’s a combination of words you don’t get to hear very often. “how to pay for a car with not enough money?” Upon looking at this sentence, you’d probably think that it’s the stupidest question in the history of humanity. How can you not have enough money to pay for the full price of a car? “It’s a car, for God’s sake, it’s not like you’ve gone into the liquor store and suddenly found out that the price of beer just went up” is something most people would probably say. But, just like many things in life, this topic has more to it than meets the eye. Despite what you might think, this is a realistic possibility, because not everyone can afford to go into a Porsche dealership and pay the window price on the latest 911 model. For the average Joe, things are a bit more complicated (regardless of the fact that he might be living in California).

Decisions, Decisions
When opting to buy a car, several factors play a key role in one’s decision, with taste and budget being the main two. If you’re into a car you like but can’t afford, it might be tricky to achieve your goal of driving it home. So, what are your options?
First of all, let’s say, for argument’s sake, that you want to buy a brand new car straight from a dealership. Depending on the make, if you don’t have enough money to pay for the vehicle at the moment of purchase, you might have other solutions that would allow you to take it home and pay for it later on. This is particularly true in California, where numerous car companies from all over the world have dealerships. The salesman might be willing to make some sort of deal with you, in which you would commit to pay off the car in equal monthly or quarterly installments. That way, the car wouldn’t technically be your property until you pay it out in full, which could very well take some time. On one hand, you’d be able to drive and enjoy it, but on the other, you wouldn’t be its legal owner, at least not for a while.

Good Oral Skills Are Important
Then again, California is also home to a great number of successful people who make good money and that means getting rid of their old, used cars. If you have no other choice and you desperately need a car, or that’s just what floats your boat, you also have options. Let’s say you find the perfect car that someone is trying to sell in order to get the money for another, newer vehicle. You might be thinking exactly “what can I do if I don’t have enough money to pay full price for a car?” Well, don’t despair, for starters. There’s a good chance that the owner is in a hurry to sell their used vehicle, which puts you in a good position; that means that you might be able to bargain your way to a cheaper car. Because of the haste that the owner is in, he might settle for a price lower than the initial one in the best interest of getting rid of a car. Let’s be clear – you probably won’t be able to bring the price insanely down, but every little bit helps. So, negotiating is always an option when it comes to used cars.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race
Another thing you can do is – trade. You’d be surprised how many people in California would agree to giving their car away for another car they like better or a combination of some money and some other belonging they like or need. If you already have a car you’d like to trade for another one, you’re in a good position to get what you want. But, if you don’t own a car or enough hard cash to purchase a used car you like, you could try to offer the owner something else in compensation for the car’s value. Whether it’s a vintage watch, your wife’s antique flower vase or four aftermarket rims it’s totally up to you; what’s important is to show the other guy that you’re willing to make a deal and hope that he’s as logical as you. Remember – if you don’t give up and try to find a mutually-beneficial solution, chances are that you’ll be going home much happier than you were when you came in.

Where Can You Apply For Car Insurance?

Apply For Car InsuranceA Love As Ancient As Time Itself
If you were to ask anyone around the world, regardless of whether they’re living in a third world country or some of the most developed regions of the world, how important vehicle insurance is, you’d probably get answers that would result in people comparing it to the health of their children. Now, this might sound strange, especially if you don’t own a car, but the fact to the matter is that some people (especially men) value their four-wheelers almost as much as their kids. The reason for this is one that deserves a long explanation, but the shorter version that could give you a hint as to why guys love their cars is – it’s in their DNA. So, when you really think about it, it makes a lot of sense that they’d want to protect their gas-guzzling pets against any kind of damage they themselves or other motorists could inflict on their prized possessions, especially in California.

You Probably Say “Sweet Dreams” To It Before You Go To Bed
Let’s put it in another way – if you happen to be a guy and you’ve asked yourself the question “where can I apply for car insurance?” at least once, two things can be said about you; the first is that you’ve probably just gotten your dream car and the second is – you’re a certified gearhead. But, even if you can’t be classified as the latter and you still own a car, insuring it against different stuff that can happen to it, whether it’s your own or someone else’s fault, is one of the best and smartest things you can do. So, when it comes to insuring your car, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s Not What You Do; It’s How You Do It
Common sense is a beautiful thing and if you happen to be living in a place as beautiful as California, you should know that you’re bound to get a scratch or two on your car sooner or later. So, use the common sense that you (hopefully) have and try to work smarter, instead of plain harder. You’re living in a modern, technological era and that means that you can do pretty much whatever you want more quickly, effectively and with less effort than a couple of years ago. The point is – why not sit back in your favorite chair (or a park bench, if you decide to do this during your lunch break), make a cup of coffee and devote an hour of your time to finding a good insurance company on the Internet? You’d be surprised how far a bit of concentration, cup of tea and 60 minutes can get you, especially in California!

The Opportunity Cost
On the other hand, you could always do it the old fashioned way, by putting in some leg work and personally visiting countless offices all across California in the purpose of gathering all the necessary insurance information, so that you could compare them and find the best option. Newspapers are also an option, so if you’re into that kind of stuff, go for it. But the point is – the Internet is expanding nowadays more than ever and there’s a great chance that you’ll find what you’re looking for right there. Let’s put it differently – it’s not a matter of whether you’ll be able to find the right insurance company with the right policy for your car; that can most definitely be done whichever approach you use. The real question is – what is the price you’ll have to pay (how much time and effort will you have to invest) in order to eventually find what you’re looking for? If you think about it, it all comes down to doing the job relatively quickly and effectively, and the Internet just can’t be beaten when it comes to those two.

Ask The Pro
In the end, if you’re looking for more in depth information regarding the question of “where can I apply for car insurance?”, please refer to The Motor Buzz. Not only will you get to experience the effectiveness of the Internet this way, but you’ll also get all the information you need. It doesn’t get much better than that.

What Kind And How Much Gas Should You Buy?

Kind And How Much Gas Should You BuyDo you have a driver’s license? Do you have a car?
If both answers are ‘’yes’’, then you should definitely read this article. It’s proven that drivers around the globe usually do not know some basic facts about their car (their fuel tank capacity, for example) or they have problems with dealing unexpected situations (suddenly car stops, noise under the hood, etc). To prevent this from happening, you should inform yourself – search the internet, talk to your car’s seller, talk to other drivers etc. Other drivers can give you valuable information – who knows, maybe they’ve been in some situation you didn’t have. Their story will prepare you well if something similar happens to you.

But, Before We Start…
What if you fill your tank with the wrong fuel? I know, it sounds silly, but this is a typical rookie mistake. This can happen in two situations:

  • Since you’ve got your car, you’re fueling it at the same gas station. It may happen that one morning you accidently take the wrong ‘’fuel handle’’ – you were thinking you know your station well.
  • California has many gas stations, and different gas stations have different gas ‘’handles’’ positioned. This can also make you confused.

Please, be very careful with gas type you’re putting in your car. As you know, there are two types of gas:  diesel and gasoline. And you just simply can’t mix up these two types (but still, caution is needed). When you go to buy a car, this is usually the first information you’ll get. If you put gasoline in a diesel car (or otherwise), you’ll cause serious failure (in the end you’ll probably need to replace the engine).

How Much Gas Should I Put In My Car?
This is a very frequently asked question. People want to know this because they need to calculate how many fill-ups they’ll need for a road trip, for example. You should find out what’s your gas tank capacity. This information can be seen in your owner’s manual. Another way to do this is to measure the size of your tank (with measuring tape), go online, enter information on one of numerous sites specialized for this and it will calculate the capacity for you. And the third way to find out your car’s capacity is to try to run out of fuel (near the gas station, if possible – California has many of them, so this should not be a problem for you), and then to fill your tank until there’s no more space for extra fuel.

Of course, your tank doesn’t always need to be full – how much gas you’ll put in your car is a very individual thing (and it depends on your needs). If you’re planning to go on a trip somewhere in California, you’ll probably need to fill your tank to the top (and if you’re going for a long trip, you’ll maybe need refilling). But, if you plan to use your car just for everyday drive around the city, your tank does not need to be full. Also, one tip – make sure that you always have a container with a liter or two of gas in your trunk (just to make sure you won’t run out of it in the middle of nowhere). So remember if you have a car running on gas be careful what kind and how much you put in it.

How Can I Drive More Safely?

Drive More Safely“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”
Driving safe is something that many people take for granted. If you own a car, regardless of the make or model, you should know that you hold a great responsibility in your hands, which is true to the letter, seeing how you steer your car by using the steering wheel. Every single driver on the planet takes a huge risk every time they get into their car and pose a real danger not just to the pedestrians and other motorists, but to the passengers riding with them in the car. That’s why it’s up to every person who is in touch with automobiles to make sure they’re doing everything they can to represent a safe participant in traffic. On that note, if you’ve ever asked yourself the question “how can I drive more safely?”, you’re on the right track.

An Ever-Present Threat
Let’s take California as an example; hundreds of people die every year in this state as a result of drivers who lose control of their vehicles for various reasons. Both crowded cities and desolate desert roads alike are haunted by the same amount of danger from crashing and spinning off the road. That’s why safe driving is essential in both California, as well as rest of the country, not to mention the world.

Who Would Have Thought, Huh?
As you’ve probably assumed, the question “how can I drive more safely?” doesn’t have a unique answer. It actually takes a combination of factors to really help someone improve their driving. Did you know that safe driving actually starts before you even start the engine of your car? That’s right, safe driving commences on the parking lot/drive in/garage. What that means is that you need to check your car on a regular basis while it’s standing still, in order to spot any obvious problems prior to hitting the road. Things like flat tires, fluid leaks, broken exhaust systems etc. can all be problems that occur while a car is not running. That’s why it’s important to do these checks before you get in the vehicle.

“Hi Mom, I’m Doing Just F..” *Suddenly Hits A Lamp Post*
Once on the road, try to apply common sense while driving – don’t drive if you’ve previously been drinking, don’t drive if you’re drowsy or are not feeling well, do not exceed the speed limit, wear your seatbelt, watch out for other motorists and just be concentrated on driving, while at the same time not letting anything distract you. It appears that talking on your cell phone while driving is especially popular in California and that’s one trend you shouldn’t (mustn’t) follow. A cell phone, smartphone or whatever you own is just a distraction; get yourself one of those Bluetooth headsets and you’ll be focused on the road in no time.

They’re Not There So You Could Do Your Make-Up!
One thing that people most often forget about doing while driving is looking in their rearview mirrors. Those things are there for a reason and unless you want to make a thoughtless decision of making a turn while the car behind you is trying to overtake you, you better check each and every one of them on a regular basis. Nima Nejad of The Motor Buzz advises people that one of the most common ways to get yourself into an accident is to forget your car has rearview mirrors. It makes a lot of sense, so try to pay attention to them whenever you can. It is recommended to check your rearview mirrors every 15 seconds when you’re in dense traffic and less often if you’re on the open road.

Keep Calm And Enjoy The Ride
At the end of the day, it is said that the calmest drivers are the safest ones. Having the right attitude when you’re behind the wheel is crucial and represents one of the best advantages of a driver over his aggravated fellow motorists. Calming down the situation and refraining from arguments that can escalate is the best possible choice. Drivers who are calm behind the wheel are the drivers who are focused on driving, rather than on everything else but driving. Good concentration and the right attitude will always get you where you’re going (quite literally).